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Local Moving Services

Movers Carrying Shelving Unit
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These moving services are offered independently by our delivery personnel, with permission to use our equipment. When we receive your info, they will contact you directly with a quote and any further communication, commitments, etc. will be with them. 

DIY Boxes

We do not offer boxing and unboxing services at this time. Small items will need to be packaged securely in sturdy boxes. We are not responsible for damages due to improperly packaged items.

Boxes containing fragile items should be appropriately marked.

Fragile Box

Fragile items such as curio cabinets, TVs, etc. will require specialty packaging fee. You can choose to package such items yourself and sign a damage liability waiver. 

Dollar Bills

The quote may change based on the declared value of items to be moved. High value items may have a higher quote due to increases in insurance requirements.

Washing Machine Maintenance

Disconnecting and reconnecting appliances should be done by a licensed professional. We generally do not disconnect or reconnect appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc. 

Fixing a Door

Doorways, halls, and  stairs need to be adequately sized for the items to fit. If we deem a space to small, we will advise against. We will still attempt if you request; however, we will not be liable for damages to home or furniture due to inadequate space. If doors, railings, etc. need to be removed, we ask that homeowner or other professional does the removal and re installation.


Prices may vary based on requested dates and times. Some dates and times may not be available due to the type of job or previous commitments.

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